30 Blogs in 30 days

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30 Blogs in 30 days

My digital marketing mentor tells me that blog content is the best way to drive traffic to (and create interest in) your business presence on the web. Apparently people no longer read in paragraphs so I have to break my writing up into small, edible chunks.

For the first half of my life I identified myself as a writer, and wrote copious amounts of short stories, autobiographical pieces and humorous drug fiction. The second half of my life I identified myself as an entrepreneur and designer. I worry that I have forgotten how to write. For years now writers block has been an impenetrable edifice cutting across the landscape of my mind.

I am told that hard sell is no longer an option. I cannot write articles that attempt to sell my various products and businesses in print, design and web development. Nobody wants to be sold to. My writing has to be entertaining, informative, engaging, interesting and helpful and include a very subtle link to the web pages where I want people to click on a button and buy stuff. I am told this keeps them coming back and builds rapport.

So the challenge, it seems, is to write good content. ‘I don’t have anything to write about’ I complained, to which she replied, ‘just write. Thirty blogs in 30 days should ignite the creative juices.’ So here I am, on day one, telling you what I intend to do. The problem thus far is that this first piece isn’t very entertaining, so I thought I would end with a joke.

‘So a seal walks into a club…’

Day one: Ticked off. How hard can this be?




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